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The world as we know it is changing and the environment needs our help. At Mr. Fixit NJ, we are trying to help the environment starting right from our own lives and we're proud of sharing tips on living greener with our clients. In our busy lives we encounter problems associated with things breaking, wearing out, needing renewal or maintenance. When problems like these occur we are left with two options: we can renew the items or we can have them repaired. We at Mr. Fixit believe that if we can fix the problem there is no need for renewal. This way while there won't be anymore wasted materials to throw out, it's much more convenient, financially.

To move a step forward in supporting our cause, just fill out the free estimate form we have provided you and let us worry about broken doors, furniture, cabinets, etc.

Here are some additional measures we take for keeping our environment clean: recycling waste particles, using eco-friendly materials and minimizing resource usage.

We believe that caring for the environment is part of our inheritance that will be left behind for future generations.

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